Spare parts

Spare parts

Autoredo, your official supplier of “NEW AND ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS” for private and industrial vehicles. Thanks to our dynamic and competitive policy, we strive every day to meet your expectations and to ensure that your parts are de- livered as quickly as possible. We operate in all the African countries! We guarantee you new and original parts, thereby sparing you any nasty surprises or disappointment related to their use.

We can advise you and offer solutions that are best suited to your specific requirements. This allows you to make the best choices and to have the best quality/price ratio.
Backed by more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive parts sector, we have significant expertise in the field as well as knowledge of the African continent.

Our objective?
- To provide you with the spare parts you require while developing a special long-term relationship between us.
- To support you in your choices.
- To offer quick and accurate responses to your requests.
- To offer you the best quality/price ratio.

Do not hesitate to contact us immediately for any additional information relating to our products. It will be out pleasure to advise you and offer the best possible solution to meet your requirements.

Spare parts for cars, trucks & buses

Technical specifications

100% original parts Braking
Filtration Suspension Exhaust
Gearbox - transmission
Universal joints, etc.
Technical research in the event of specific requirement

Engine Spare Parts

Technical specifications

100% original parts
Injection system
Pump (oil, injection, etc.)


Technical specifications

Brake pads
An all other wear and tear and consumable parts




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